High-mountain Yak Penis

According to the theory of traditional health preserving and the concept of food and medicine being homologous,the product was concentrated and refined by the technology of ultra-low temperature freezing grinding and freezing drying.The product has effectively preserved the nutritive materials of Yak’s penis and royal jelly.This product contains 10-hydroxy-2-Kuei acid,The function experiments show that this product has anti-fatigue,the health effects of hypoxia,can reduce fatigue,improve the body hypoxia tolerance. Main ingredients: Yak penis(dry goods),Royal jelly
Ingredient and content: 10-hydroxy-2-Kuei acid 1.2g/100g
Health function: Anti-fatigue,Bearing hypoxia
Commended user: The person who are easy to fatigue and hypoxia environment workers
Dosage and Method: Twice daily,each time 2~3 capsules,swallow with warm water
Specification: 350mg/capsule *72 capsules
Shelf life: 24 monthes
Storage method: Sealed,placed in a cool dry place
Approval Number: WS zheng zi(1998)No.057
Executive standard: Q/ABGE0003S-2015
Production Licence: : SC1276401060010
The Consignor: Shanghai Baoshengtang Biological Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Address: Xujing Town, lianmin Road, Building 5002,layer 1,Area B,Room 3,Shanghai,China
Address: Jin Kun Garden 1# C201,Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China
The Consignee: Yinchuan Yibaisheng Muslem Food Co., Ltd.
Address: Kangdi Road 148#,Jinfeng District Industrial Park,Yinchuan,China.
Tel: +86 951 5660889
Web: www.leokz.com

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